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I compose, perform, and record artfully crafted music for a variety of different projects, genres, and media. Creating music
that compels, balances, and is sympathetic in interaction with visual art is a great inspiration in my work. Enjoy the music.
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Press Quotes

"Violinist Jonah Rapino, who also scores silent classics, has created an evocative score on par with any Hollywood fantasy."
~ Eddie Cockrell (from Variety Magazine review of Darkon)
"The original music by Jonah Rapino is terrific, building drama and nuance in what could have been a run-of-the-mill bio-pic."
~Richard Chang (from Orange County Register review of Alice Neel Documentary)

"The effect is spirited rather than incriminating and, bolstered by Jonah Rapino’s contemplative score, as piercingly detailed as one of Alice’s mesmerizing portraits."
~Mark Holcomb (from Time Out review of Alice Neel Documentary)
"Well paced and edited, the film's momentum is abetted further by Jonah Rapino's propulsive score."
~Andrew Barker (from Variety review of Alice Neel Documentary)

"That was great, working with him. (Luke & I) had test tracks that we'd put in there from various people, and then (Jonah would) listen to our test track and try to come up with something that he felt was similiar but unique and interesting."
~Andrew Neel (director of Darkon, Alice, & New World Order)


Current Work

Music for no film

Inspired by New World Order

  • Awkward Smile
  • Combo Nation
  • Darkly
  • Discus
  • Syrius
  • Walkin
Music for no film

Inspired by Alice

  • Sustain Strings
  • Moving Strings
  • Looking
  • Gone
  • Abstract
  • UN

Inspired by Darkon

  • Four Season
  • Meloncholy Bells
  • Ping-Pong
Berbere Superstar

Berbere Superstar: the best things are never recorded

  • B-Marimba
  • Y(afa)werk
  • Yeshi Agadez
  • Morocco
  • Thug Sign
  • Hair Whip
  • Wagogo

High: 2010 solo album

  • Ziggurat
  • Cloud Horse
  • Whispers
  • Gauze
  • Falling from the Sky
  • Riding on the Beach
  • Motes
Music for String Quartet

Music for String Quartet

  • Action
  • All's Well That Ends Well
  • Don't Be Afraid
  • Run For Your Life
  • Pizzactcato
  • This Little Babe
  • Story Of The 2 Dreamers
  • Molecules

all tracks available for licensing through Jonah Rapino Music ASCAP

Feature Film Scores

Journey to Planet X

Journey to Planet X

Follows the filming of "Planet X", created by Eric Swain & Troy Bernier. Scientists by day and amateur filmmakers by night "Planet X" is this duo’s most ambitious endeavor to date. Official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival & Chicago Underground Film Festival.

  • Story Board
  • Erik & Troy Talking
  • End Credits

Pirected by Myles Kane & Josh Koury
Produced by the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival



A short film made about a homeless boy named Abush in a small town in southern Ethiopia where he lives. Winner of the "Best Short Film Youth Jury Award" at the Tarifa African Film Festival Spain. Soundtrack features Debo Band.

  • End Credits
  • Kids Running
  • End Sequence

Directed by Zelalem Woldemariam
Produced by Zeleman Productions

New World Order

New World Order

New World Order is a documentary that takes a behind the scenes look at activists who are committed to vigorously opposing what they perceive to be an emerging New World Order. Premiered at SXSW Film Fest.

  • Zapruder
  • Chasing Bilderberg
  • NWO Credits

Directed by Andrew Neel & Luke Meyer
Produced by IFC/Seethink/Cactus 3

Official Site Variety review


Portrait painter Alice Neel (1900-1984) abandoned almost all the comforts of a "normal" life and family in her quest to document the 20th century, one soul at a time. Audience Award Winner of the 2007 Newport Beach Film Festival.

  • Depression Era
  • Expressionist Era
  • Whitney Show

Written/directed by Andrew Neel
Produced by Seethink

Official Site OCR review Time Out NYC


Darkon is a documentary about a group of live action role players in Maryland. It recieved the audience award at the 2006 SXSW film festival, and is a official selection at Hot Docs, Silver Docs, LA Film fest and more.

  • Fight 2
  • Bannor's Theme
  • Citadel

Directed by Andrew Neel & Luke Meyer
Produced by Ovie/Seethink

Official Site buy soundtrack on I tunes

Silent Films Scores

As a member of the Devil Music Ensemble I have had a leading role in
composing music for live musical performance accompanying silent film.

Red Heorine

directed by Wen Yimin 1929

A classic Kung Fu tale of revenge. The Red Heroine, her family torn apart, learns martial arts skills from hermit White Monkey and returns to make the Warlords pay for their crimes. This is the only remaining Chinese silent martial arts film of its kind.

  • Captured
  • General & Teeth
  • The Family Returns
  • Kung Fu Monkey
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

directed by John S. Robertson 1922

Starring John Barrymore as Jekyll and Hyde in this the first silent vesion of this classic R.L. Stevenson tale. During the shooting of this film Barrymore did double acting duty a night as King Richard III in a stage production of Shakespeare's play.

  • The Bar
  • Transforms Back
  • The Will
  • Jekyll's Death
Nosferatu a symphony of horror

Nosferatu a Symphony of Horror

directed by F.W. Murnau 1920

The first best silent Dracula film made in expressionist style in Germany. Illegally based on Bram Stoker's Dracula novel, this film was almost lost when court order brought by Stoker's widow had all known prints destroyed.

  • Hutter Rides
  • Dead Ship
  • Tragic Love
  • Investigation
Big Stakes

Big Stakes

directed by Clifford S. Elfelt 1922

This is a B Studio silent western that actually reaches beyond the cliches. The KKK (as the bad guys), big poisinous lizards, slapstick, romance, and amazing corny dialouge make for a really good time. Recorded in Cracklephonic!

  • Jim & Skinny
  • Tie Up The Bully
  • Mercedes Dance
  • Skinny Warns
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

directed by Robert Weine 1922

The most cherished film of German Expressionism that amazes both with the psychological ramifications of the story and with its
grotesquely beautiful visuals. The set design alone influ- enced generations of film directors.

  • Alan & Francis
  • Caligari's Introduction
  • At the Fairgrounds
  • In the Cabinet

Classical Music

As a member of the Devil Music Ensemble I have composed, performed, and conducted a number of original modern classical style compositions at a series of concerts in Boston MA. For these concerts the DME would gather a very loose knit volunteer group of local musicians and make it happen! Here are some samples of these works.

Jonah conducts

  • Run For Your Life - String quartet with 40 piece ensemble
  • Jolero - 40 piece ensemble
  • What If I actually decided to do something.. - (excerpt) 20 piece classical ensemble plus rock trio
  • Mini Rev - String Quartet plus 2 channel audio
  • Gustav - (excerpt) 40 piece ensemble plus 4 channel audio
  • Handheld Gospel - (excerpt) 20 piece ensemble plus 4 channel audio


You can reach me, Jonah Rapino, at 617-427-3267, or by email at , or by mail at:
180 Green St Boston, MA, 02130 United States

Download Music

You can download my current work at Band Camp


Devil Music Ensemble

Live music for silent film and more

Debo Band

Boston's classic Ethiopian funk mob


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Jonah conducts

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